Staff training – Seminar for inbound tourism provided by Nohoho

When developing business with customers from overseas, important points in staff development are to enhance information literacy and broaden the horizons among staff, and to develop the ability to judge information objectively and to explain in a logical manner. With this in mind, Nohoho is offering tailor-made seminars. At the sessions, participants practise global business skills including English proficiency, presentation- and logical communication skills. The seminar also covers contents with the goal of strengthening awareness of the local identity and characteristics in order to convey the culture and history of Okinawa and Yaeyama to visitors of this part of Japan.

From November 2021 to January 2022, Nohoho organised seminars for staff at Beach Hotel Sunshine Ishigakijima. Five two-hour sessions were held to analyse trends and characteristics of the tourism industry for inbound tourists focusing on European visitors and to improve the understanding of the inbound market through presentations by the staff in English.

As an information source, the seminar referred to recently published surveys and reports in English and Japanese from OTAs, the Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO), etc. Based on this, participants analysed and discussed trends from the perspective of inbound tourists in regard to Yaeyama/Okinawa as a tourist destination, as well as to the hotel as an accommodation. At the same time, they also practised English expressions. One of the themes this time was the emphasis on sharing information about the attractiveness of Yaeyama to foreign visitors, and on connecting the characteristics and trends of European travellers with visits to Iriomote Island that has been registered as a part of a World Natural Heritage Site in 2021. The seminar is a part of an overall program for staff training supported by the Next Global Leaders Development initiative of Okinawa prefecture and has been held in conjunction with other digital marketing training for staff and on-site field trips to Iriomote Island.

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