Interview with Ryukyu Shimpo newspaper: local Ishigaki language

Hello, or kuyoomanaaraa, as one is greeted in the local Ishigaki language. Since I got to know about the interesting world of Simamuni, the local language of Yaeyama, in 2020, I have gradually started to learn more about the theme and its issues. I have participated in an instructor training course conducted by the Okinawa Prefecture Shimakutuba (local Okinawan languages) Promotion Center that aims to revive the largely endangered languages/dialects of the Ryukyu archipelago. Although I am yet a beginner, still waiting for the results of the final exam, and obviously an outsider, the Ryukyu Shimpo newspaper published an interview on January 29, 2022. As part of the Nohoho activities, I aim to continue to play an active role in promoting the local languages of Okinawa.