Field trip to Miyajima and Hiroshima with the Ishigaki Chamber of Commerce.

Also this year, I joined to a field trip as part of the activities of the Tourism Division of the Ishigaki City Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The destination was Miyajima, where a visitors’ tax system has been introduced in October. There are many hurdles, but it would be beneficial if such a system could also be introduced to the Yaeyama Islands as well.

This was my second time in Miyajima, and this time it was also an opportunity to learn about the history and background of this unique island that plays an important role in Japan’s history.

After Miyajima, the trip continued to Hiroshima. Here, we got an introduction to the waste treatment facility of the Hiroshima City Plant. It is an interesting factory with an amazing design. One will experience that it is worth investing in design. Apart from this, in both Miyajima and Hiroshima, there were many Western inbound tourists.